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RIFF is a family foundation working to support grassroots movements fighting for self-determination and collective liberation.

We believe that the social, economic and ecological crises of our time call for an unwavering commitment to community-led power building and advancing transformational solutions.

Cultivating Radical Imagination

Radical imagination is a critical tool for overcoming history’s great challenges. Freedom, justice, democracy, solidarity. Radical imagination  feeds all these efforts. Community leadership and collaborative work put them into action.

We are inspired by the role that movement leaders play in helping to make the impossible possible. As a family foundation, we also strive to creatively reimagine how philanthropy can operate in authentic partnership with frontline organizations working in the crucible of social and political change.

Grantmaking Strategy

RIFF supports community organizations and movements advancing racial, economic, gender and environmental justice.

We focus on aligning our work with the values, strategies and priorities lifted up by community organizations. We offer heartfelt gratitude to the many leaders whose experience and perspective have informed our approach.


Grantmaking Strategy
Communities at the Center
Uplifting Intersectionality
Building Power
Supporting the Sparks!
Supporting Movement Building
Culture Change
Healing & Resilience